Friday, June 28, 2013

White Bread

                                                                        Stanley Kubrick for Look Magazine, 1949

White Bread

A stale moment frozen in time,
Like outdated pie,
or feet too scared to dance.

Those monochrome days choked in the smoke,
Like unwritten lines,
Creating boundaries so oppressive to the soul.


Like white bread.

                                   - T. M. Crone


White Bread was brought to you in conjunction with Magpie Tales.  Read more vignettes and poems from writers prompted by Stanley Kubrick's 1949 photo.


  1. Nothing boring about your poetry ~~ like healthy whole wheat bread with lots of seeds ~~ (ful)filling.

    Thanks for visiting me in the rathskeller ...

  2. I like this...nice write...but I have fond memories of fluffy white Wonder bread...

  3. Funny what we see as "white bread", kids then thought they were probably being so wild and daring!

  4. As someone who recently switched from white bread to whole wheat, I could appreciate this. Oh, if that picture could talk.