Saturday, December 22, 2012

Making Time for Christmas

The Christmas season has been upon us for some time now, and if you are like me than prioritizing obligations, family time and other activities becomes a challenge. There are Christmas tasks left undone, flour in the pantry that never finds the oven, Christmas cards in blank sealed envelops, decorations still in the crates.  A present forgotten at the store...  And oh, isn't it time to put up that tree? Let's not forget that it takes a day to find the right tree, and another two before it's fully decorated, and during this time you are reminded of responsibilities unrelated to Christmas that must be tackled.

Life Interruptus.

Sometimes I wonder why fight the traffic. Sometimes I think that the meaning of Christmas has dissipated into the seams of my purse. Sometimes I resent the interruption of my daily routine and question the validity of Jesus' birthday being in December in the first place. But these are fleeting thoughts, and actually, I cherish the interruption to my life.

Miraculously, Christmas chores get done, and that morning, sitting by the tree, everything seems right with the world and troubles are forgotten. There is nothing better than watching the eyes of my children come alive while I manage my third cup of coffee. It is one of the few times when traffic sounds disappear, savory smells linger in the kitchen and families everywhere are reunited. When I sit down to that splendid dinner in the company of family my angst vanishes.

Regardless of your religious denomination, Christmas is a season to celebrate God and family. That's what it's all about. This Christmas open your hearts to those who need your love, open your minds to new ideas, and cherish the memories.

Merry Christmas!