Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Coming of Spring, or, The End of the Gloom as We Know It.

Oh, the melting of snow. It is a good sign, although at times it gives us false hopes. In many ways it is hard to say goodbye to the cold, the dark nights, the snow piled high on the edge of the street. Many a fun times has occurred during these wintery days. I can recall, not too long ago in the decades past, when snow served but two purposes: days off school and the making of snow forts. Ahhhh, and a few of you reading may have made them with me. As the years progressed, it were the slopes that allowed the passage of winter to go by happily. As long as skis bound my feet, mittens cradled by hands, powder paved my way, winter was revered and blissful. These things are all still good, but for writers, winters serves a different purpose. It is a time when you are bound to the inside, when those gloomy days and dark nights result in more words on paper than you ever thought possible. Novels are finished, short stories are published, and new ideas are implemented.

It is not the passage of winter that I mourn as much as the comfort of those cozy days in front of the computer, a shawl on my shoulders, a cup of tea in my hands, the fire beside me blazing. With the coming of spring I look back at all the writing I have done, all the ideas I have put into words during those comforting afternoons.

And now, let the editing begin!