Friday, November 23, 2012

Norma and the Fiddler of Gurg

Here is a snippet for Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturday from my short story "Norma and the Fiddler of Gurg."

"Norma and the Fiddler of Gurg" explores what would happen if LA burned, which is known to happen, occasionally. Norma is plucked from the highway and transported to a sanctuary light years from Earth where she meets Harvey Daniels, the long-haired fiddler of Gurg. "Norma and the Fiddler of Gurg" was first published by Labyrinth Inhabitant Magazine, May 2009, and can now be found in SPECULATIVE JOURNEYS. 


On the last day of spring, Norma's house burned down. Horrific thought it seemed, Norma considered it a blessing, almost liberating, the ultimate sign that she should leave Los Angeles. Truth be told, it wasn't the fire that convinced her to go away, but the fact LA had been abandoned, along with the malls, the convenience stores and the grocery markets. The heat had driven anyone who thought they were someone off to find a more habitable home.

Driving north on the San Diego Freeway after most people had already fled LA, Norma adjusted the car radio, looking for a station that still broadcasted the news. Static.

She slapped the steering wheel with both hands. "Damn." Now there was no telling what lay ahead.


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  1. That always leads one to believe that there's definitely going to be something up ahead. Good snippet.

  2. I love the matter-of-fact statement that the house burned down - it throws the situation into a strange perspective. Freedom as a result of destruction. Oh, and I love the title!

  3. Make me wonder why she is so nonchalant about her house being, her past and what circumstances befell her to want to 'escape' from her present. Good stuff.

  4. I love the setting you established in this snippet. It gives a post-apocalyptic feel to it. Looking forward to more.

  5. There is hardly a large population center on Earth that is not vulnerable to nature. Maybe somewhere else is safer? or not?
    BTW, Jarn's at the usual place--thought I'd signed up, but I guess not.

  6. Super world building! Must be pretty unbearable to leave so easy.

  7. You gave a great sense of the world in so few words.

  8. Nice snippet. I particularly liked the first two sentences. That captured Norma's personality very well, and I want to know more!

  9. A lack of information is always disconcerting.

  10. Very mysterious! I like it. It's well written and even though it's a snippet of what's to come, it builds up the suspense nicely. Love to read more. :)

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  11. Great snippet! I found you on goodreads and am following you now. Check out my blog at

    Love your background BTW!