Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Lacanto Project

Here is the snippet for Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturday. This is the opening scene of my novel, The Lacanto Project.  The Lacanto Project is a dystopian science fantasy for which I am actively seeking an agent/publisher. It is about an assassin who discovers that she is the genetic link necessary for the rise of a prophet in a dystopian world.


The evening began like any other work night. Dinner, wine and a pill. The food and drink were grand, but the tablet resting in Nashi’s palm gouged her heart and lessened her chances that this time she wasn’t expected to kill.

A dark shadow loomed over Nashi. Dressed in a sheer black tunic, she crouched on the canopy-draped bed and squeezed the pill, wanting to crush it to powder. It wouldn’t matter. He would only make her lick it up.

“What did she say?” Nashi asked Tamron, her mentor. She glanced at him through the thin veil that separated them, trying to avoid eye contact. She couldn't let him see her tears. Being Geo-1, her faction's best assassin, meant she should show no such sentiments, nor displeasure in receiving the current assignment.

Tamron buttoned up his shirt and readjusted the cape on his back, his black curls shading his cold eyes. He pushed the canopy aside and tossed a knife on the bed. “You might need that.”

Nashi's heart hit bottom. “I suppose this means we proceed according to her plan.”

He dropped her lubriskin on top of the knife. Yes, that’s exactly what it meant.


  1. I like female assassins. There's been so many assassin tales with male protagonists.

  2. The purpose of the pill has me curious...

  3. Female assassins definitely rock, and I'm with T.M., again: I wonder about the pill. What is specifically does. I love the hint we get at this relationship between her and her mentor, who seems like a "handler." Very interesting and fun concepts at work here.

  4. Likewise, I am curious about the pill as well. And, what exactly is *her* plan?

  5. Does the pill somehow give her the instructions for what she is to do? (And I'm going to be a minority and say I don't care for assassins.)

  6. I love female assassins. I've always maintained they're far deadlier than their male counterparts.

  7. Lubriskin... somehow that is more chilling than the knife. Glad to have you on board for SFFSaturday.

  8. Assassins, handlers/mentors, pills, knives...what more do you need for a great story!! Just the right amount of suspense and peeks into what comes next to hold me!! Want more, please!! :)